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Sans Souci to South Lytchett Manor....

....is my book which was finished in April 2009 and documents the history of the present South Lytchett Manor from 1796

South Lytchett manor sits on the outskirts of Poole, Dorset (England). Over the last 250 years the site has changed enormously, but within its centre South Lytchett manor has stayed albeit in various stages of construction. It reached its latest stage in 1904, and has stayed the same since.

The book explains everything about the manor collected in a 24 month project from local people. This includes chapters on its early history, renovation in the early 20th century, its gardens, the war years, ghosts and a diagrammatic explanation of the many confusing road redirections.

Available Locally and Online

£3.99 inc UK P & P

Photographs © Jane Lees